Read this before hiring a water damage restoration company.

We only represent you the homeowner or commercial property owner. We do not represent the Insurance Companies.

ALertWe highly recommend that you wait until we arrive at your home or business before contacting your insurance company. Insurance companies are known to deny your claim if you say the wrong thing or use the wrong terminology. Let our experts contact your insurance company to protect your rights of coverage.

Acclaimed Restorations has been in continuous business for over 30 years and we specialize in Water Damage Restoration and Mold Removal and Remediation in the Northern Virginia Area.

We have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses in Northern Virginia recover from disasters caused by Water and Mold. Our clients even include The White House and Pentagon.

  1. The large nationwide restoration companies you see advertised on T.V. are contracted by the insurance carriers.
  2. What does this mean to me and my problem?
  3. They have set procedures that the insurance companies expect them to use.
  4. These procedures are the cheapest methods available. The methods they use are designed to protect the insurance companies’ interest.
  5. What this means to a homeowner or business owner is that the work performed by these companies often just mask the problems caused by Water Damage.
  6. Customers of these Large Nationwide Restoration Companies often have to call Acclaimed Restorations within 2 weeks to complete the Restoration Job because they start seeing Dangerous Mold Growth and other issues that have occurred because the Water Damage Restoration Job was not completed properly.
  7. Don’t let this happen to your home or business call Acclaimed Restorations Now! We get the job done right the first time.